The 2018 Stewardship Summit®  | 23 - 25 January 2018  |  Southaven, MS

About the Stewardship Summit

The Stewardship Summit brings together lifetime learners who value stewardship and all of its ramifications for life together. Stewardship is a model for life, as well as a Christian discipline. Stewardship shapes not just finances, but also encompasses the use of time, talent, relationships, leadership, creation, and vocation. 

Why a Stewardship Summit?

We all know that there are many options for conferences around - for professional development or personal edification. Nevertheless, there are few venues where people can study stewardship together. There are particularly few venues where those who have a passion for stewardship and are doing work in the field can gather and learn from one another. The Stewardship Summit hopes to answer this need through an annual gathering of thought leaders who can present topics of interest to the Stewardship community from which we all can learn together. 

Who attends a Stewardship Summit?

All who have a learner's posture toward Stewardship are welcome at the Summit. Whether you are a writer, a researcher, a pastor, a teacher, a professor, a para-church organization leader, or even just a person interested in developing a greater sense of Biblical stewardship in yourself and others - you are welcome!

Presenters and regular attenders sit together and engage in discussion together over the course of the Summit. There is no strong separation between speakers and attendees - we are all in this to learn together. 

Because of this, we limit attendance to 150 participants. This way, everyone has a chance to meet, greet, converse and discuss in a setting that allows for personal interaction.

What does the Stewardship Summit deliver?

  • A venue for thought leaders to discuss ideas with a group of learners interested in advancing the field of Stewardship
  • An opportunity to meet with others passionate about Stewardship
  • Deepening and broadening the field of Biblical Stewardship
  • Dissemination of ideas to increase the Stewardship capacity of churches and ministries
  • A place for people to come together to learn and discuss Stewardship - people who may not often move in the same circles otherwise

How does the Stewardship Summit deliver on its goals?

  • A two-and-a-half-day-long annual conference
  • Six presentations on Stewardship topics
  • Review of paper proposals by an independent Advisory Faculty
  • A relaxed atmosphere where presenters and attendees can converse and mingle


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