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The 2018 Stewardship Summit Papers

The 2018 Stewardship Summit Papers will be released here in the first week of January 2018 to registered participants.

Here are 2018 Stewardship Summit Paper Titles, Abstracts, and Authors.

Presentation 1:

Linda Staats: The Generosity Project

Paper Focus:

Growing in God's Grace – Generation to Generation

If you do an internet search for “5G” you will find it means the 5th generation of technology and proposed standards, aiming at higher capacity, support, and reliability in telecommunication and mobile networks. As of early 2017, 5G is still being developed and “lived into.” As God’s creations we are also aiming for a higher capacity in being God's faithful stewards and being generous. We are “living into” a new way of supporting one another in this interconnected, consumer focused society.

5G: The Generosity Project is based on scripture, sound theology and research that supports an increased capacity to “live into” and respond joyfully to God’s abundant generosity - beginning with the interconnectedness and meaningful conversation between all generations and the faith practice of generosity in the home.

Paper Key Idea:


• Connecting Generations. Equipping Households. Creating Centers for the Faith Practice of Generosity

• Recognizing all ages and all generations as stewards of God’s abundant grace.

• Equipping households as places where generosity is recognized and responded to with joy.

• Broadening the understanding of stewardship and changing the culture of sharing, saving, and spending in congregations and households.

• Growing a spirit of generosity in the congregation and home that overflows with abundant joy into all the world.

About the Presenter:

LindaStaats.jpgLinda’s foundation for nurturing faith at church and in the home has been shaped by her infant baptism into the Christian faith and a Masters degree in Human Development and the Family. With minor degrees in Child Development and Gerontology she brings a life-span approach to ministry.

Linda’s greatest joy is bringing people together of every age and decade for significant interaction. She is known for her ability to integrate research and curated resources with practical theology. She has a passion for connecting people’s own holy stories with God’s stories.

Her career reflects a desire to listen, engage, equip and empower all generations for serving like Jesus at home and in the world. She serves as an apostle (messenger) to multiple communities, ministry boards and networks of faith.

Linda is a national speaker, workshop leader, curriculum writer, consultant, leadership coach and owner of HomeGrown Faith. She brings a cross+generational approach to Stewardship, Discipleship and Global Mission through her service in the Evangelical Church in America (ELCA) following her role as Assistant to the Bishop for Faith Formation in two judicatory offices.

Linda is a Boomer, married to a Booster, who together have two Gen X sons. Two Kenyans of the Millennial generation call Linda their “Grand Mum!” Linda’s mother is a Builder, a 99-year-old wise elder. 



Presentation 2:

Gary Moore - The Bible and The Qur'an: Business Partners or Enemies?

Paper Focus:

Gary is currently co-authoring a book with the chairman of the Amana Mutual Fund group on the similarities and differences of Judeo-Christian economics and Islamic economics. This is an excerpt.

Paper Key Idea:

Islam largely reiterates the financial teachings of the Torah, teachings of Solomon and the Gospels, many of which Christianity Today recently said Western Christians increasingly disregard. By doing comparative analysis with Islam, not only might we better understand Islam, possibly adding to peace initiatives under way by political and military means, but our faith as well. We also hope to demonstrate that "prosperity theology" owes more to capitalist culture than historic Christianity, which some of us believe is a greater threat to our faith than is moderate Islam.

About the Presenter:


Gary Moore recently retired after forty years with various Wall Street firms, spending the last thirty with Gary Moore & Co: Counsel to Ethical and Religious Investors.   

Gary trained with Merrill Lynch during the late seventies. By the mid-eighties, he was a senior vice president of Prudential Securities and one of its top ten brokers in Florida, producing over $850,000 in revenue during 1986. He was recruited to management at Paine Webber by a friend and was enrolled in its management development class. The crash of 1987 resulted in Paine Webber closing offices and not needing managers. Gary spent a year exploring seminary but decided his skills were better utilized in finance. He therefore became an independent advisor, while founding the non-profit Financial Seminary for his avocation of teaching ethical and prudent finance. He has had feature articles published in Christianity Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Christian Ethics Today, NRB magazine and many other publications. His son Garrett recently took over Gary’s practice to give him more time to write.   

Gary has had several highly endorsed financial/theological books published, including three about his friend and mentor the legendary mutual fund manager and philanthropist Sir John Templeton. Gary has served on the board of the billion dollar John Templeton Foundation. The Templeton Foundation Press published two of his books. John endorsed several and wrote the foreword for another. Gary is now co-authoring a book tentatively entitled Heavenly Returns, Even on Earth with Dr. Yaqub Mirza, the founder of America’s largest Islamic mutual fund group, the Amana funds. The book explores the many similarities between Islamic and biblical economics, as well as some theological differences.   

Gary has also served on the board of former vice-presidential candidate Jack Kemp and morals czar Bill Bennett’s Empower America; as a board member and chair of the endowment committee at Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral; on the board and investment committee of Messiah College; and as board treasurer of Opportunity International, a Christian ministry that makes job-creating “micro-loans” to the Third World poor. He has also been the president of two local churches while serving on the board of his local YMCA. After retiring, Gary decided to do something meaningful with his life so he now washes clothes for homeless at his local homeless shelter.

Gary was married to Sherry, who recently died quite unexpectedly. She too was a financial professional and they were partners for many years. His new book is dedicated to her.  




Presentation 3:

Andre Sergeyev - Better Stewards Better Givers

Paper Focus:

The paper will focus on statistics of student debt, definition and exploration of financial stewardship in educational settings, and giving patterns to Christian colleges and contribution to endowments. Sadly, many Christian colleges and universities have not established an endowment due to escalating debt and poor stewardship; those that have established an endowment struggle with increased costs, ineffective fundraising, and poor returns.

Barna Research indicates very similar patterns of debt and giving between students studying in Christian colleges/Universities with those nationwide. The student's grade level does not appear to be a significant factor as undergraduate and graduate students manifest similar patterns of debt and giving.

Paper Key Idea:

--The new biblical stewardship course in academic setting identified as Christian is essential.

About the Presenter:

AndreSergeyev.pngAndre Sergeyev is passionate about Biblical financial stewardship and Biblical Philanthropy.  Andre has a particular interest in implementing a Biblical Stewardship program in Christian colleges, Universities, and seminaries.  Andre has 10 years of experience in financial advising, investment banking, and estate planning with charitable giving.  Andre has extensive expertise in financial aid within the Academic setting.  Andre enjoys teaching financial classes and conducting financial workshops in his church and his University.  He believes all Christians are simply stewards of their resources and should positively impact the lives of others as wise stewards.

Andre is a candidate for Doctor of Education degree with Southeastern University and hopes to complete his studies by the end of 2018.  His specialization is curriculum development on the topic of Biblical Stewardship.  His Master’s degrees with specialization of Non-Profit Management and Planned Giving are from North Park University in Chicago.



Presentation 4:

Zach Vincent – Give.Back.Land

Paper Focus: 

Give. Back. Land.: Small Beginnings to a Complex Conversation explores the Biblical relationship between God's covenants and land as well as the stewardship principle of restoring stolen resources. The theological explorations shed new light on wealth inequality and land ownership issues between white communities and communities of color in the United States. In examining this reality from a Gospel perspective, tangible options are explored to begin the journey of giving back land in ways that make sense and move the conversation forward. 

About the Presenter:

zach suit.jpgZach L. Vincent is a Regional Native Ministry Champion and Campus Staff Minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA. He is currently planting campus ministries at the University of Wisconsin-Superior and Fond du Lac Tribal College in conjunction with fundraising to plants chapters and a Native American student leadership development movement at Tribal colleges and Universities throughout the Upper Midwest. He currently lives in Spooner, Wisconsin with his wife Kara and children Brynn, Simone, and Kallum. He enjoys hiking, biking, catching movies, and playing board games with friends. 



Presentation 5:

Kip Warton – Followers Stewarding Leaders

Paper Focus:

This paper presents the construct of the steward follower as it applies to one of the principle resources in any organization: the leadership. 

• How does the follower steward leadership?
• Leadership may not consider the follower’s ideas important or worthy of consideration. How does the steward follower support the leader despite obstacles?
• The steward follower must have intrinsic if not Holy inspiration to encourage and establish leadership in their pursuit of mission and vision. How is the steward follower to set aside personal ambition for the sake of the leadership and the organization?

Paper Key Idea:

The construct of steward followership seems to be a contradiction given the term implies authority to steward while at the same time demonstrating servile dependence. Yet, this could not be further from the truth and provides a basis for the process of followers stewarding leaders. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John record Christ’s admonition to “Follow Me” but what Christ had in mind are followers determined to fulfill His vision for the kingdom. Steward followers are called to stand in the gap and it is with this in mind, we explore the principles of followers stewarding leaders.
Stewarding leaders within the church, the home, the business begins with relationship. One might say followers are to steward the connections or attachments with leaders to inspire them to pursue God’s direction. This relational development requires singular focus on the part of the follower. He must understand strategic thinking in terms of short and long term objectives defined by the constituted vision and mission established by the board.

About the Presenter:

Warton2017.jpgDr. Kip Warton is a professional leader and aviator with a broad background in aviation while directing and teaching at all levels of experience.  27 years active duty Air Force followed by 13 years’ experience leading and teaching to a wide variety of individuals and organizations from Congress to one-on-one instruction to cadets and lieutenants, positions Kip to provide insight to any leadership and training environment. 

A graduate of the US Air Force Academy in 1978, Kip flew the F-111 and AT-38B/C in multiple locations at home and abroad.  He taught and flew at the USAF Fighter Weapons School and Fighter Lead-In courses along with various operational assignments.  Leading men and women in war planning, weapons development, and joint/combined headquarters level experiences gives Kip exceptional clarity of vision in a multitude of environments.  

Add to this Kip’s ongoing commitment to discipling men and women in their journey with Jesus in the midst of his professional duties gives him basis for casting a vision for kingdom building in the heart of a secular work environment.  Now, couple his vast operational and training expertise with an MA in teaching from Webster and a PhD in organizational leadership from Regent University provides Kip with the theoretical grounding for instructing, leading, and advising in addition to training and developing leaders and followers of faith. 

Kip is able to apply God’s truth in the disparate cultural leadership environment confronting steward leaders and followers of today and tomorrow.  His focus on Steward Followers is ground breaking exploring the construct of active followership supporting organizations, their leaders, and fellow followers.



Presentation 6:

Scott Rodin - What if Steward Leaders are the Only Ones Left Standing?

Paper Focus:

This paper is a cultural assessment of leadership and the role of the steward leader for these times. It's main thesis is that steward leaders are best equipped to stand firm, lead with confidence, and be used by God to weather the storm of a hostile culture, remaining true to the values of the kingdom of God in the furtherance of his work. 

The call to action is as follows: If this thesis is correct then we face a compelling and highly urgent task to train steward leaders as quickly as God grants resources to do so. Our culture will certainly continue its slide away from Judeo-Christian values and toward a morally vacuous secular humanism. Attacks on the fundamental principles of a biblical worldview are intensifying in scope and ferocity. Emerging leaders face challenges they never imagined possible in America and more seasoned leaders are not equipped to navigate a culture they were never trained to address. This is our moment and we must rise to the challenge.

Paper Key Idea:

The paper will test the following two assumptions and propose a thesis and call to action.

1. Our American culture is becoming increasingly hostile to the Christian message, to our biblical, kingdom values and to everyone who strives to live as a true follower of Jesus. 
2. This hostile culture will eat up and ultimately destroy owner-leaders. 

Steward leaders are uniquely prepared to lead effectively and faithfully in this environment. 

Call to Action: 
We face a compelling and highly urgent task to train steward leaders as quickly as God grants resources to do so.

About the Presenter:

Scott Rodin Portrait 007 copy.jpgScott Rodin (PhD, University of Aberdeen, Scotland) has a passion for helping God’s people discover the freedom and joy of the life of a faithful steward. He is president of The Steward’s Journey and Kingdom Life Publishing and runs Rodin Consulting, Inc. He also serves as a Senior Fellow for the Association of Biblical Higher Education. Dr. Rodin has authored fourteen books and he blogs weekly at

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