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Finding the right candidate

When your last executive announced they were stepping down, you and your board took a deep breath, and put together a search committee to help find your next leader. Or perhaps the transition was unplanned, contentious, or abrupt. Whatever the case, you realize that finding the right leader with the right fit is essential for your organization's success

How Design Group International can help

Design Group International can help you and your organization find your next executive by designing a search process that fits your needs. Our objective is to deliver to you 3 - 5 ranked candidates which your organization can feel good about interviewing, and all of whom meet your organization's stated criteria for success.

Inquiry Process

As with all of our services, Executive Search Services through Design Group International start by listening to you, the client. We make sure we have heard your goals, your story, your timeframe, and any other needs you might have along the way.

As a part of this inquiry process, some organizations may request a stakeholder survey and/or a board retreat setting to build toward a successful search. The end goal of this inquiry process is to give the search committee the tools it needs to move forward: an updated job description, a candidate profile, an organizational profile, and a timetable for completing the search.

These tools, when needed, help you obtain the right candidate at the right time, and provide the search committee the capacity they need to make sound decisions. 

For some organizations, this inquiry process is enough to bring clarity to the search process. Thus, after the inquiry process, many search committees have the resources they need to take the search forward from there. 

Others, however, request further executive search services: 

  • Interim Leadership, and
  • Candidate Screening

Interim Leadership

Some organizations request Design Group International provide interim executive leadership during the search process. Sometimes this is done in conjunction with the search process; other times they are fully independent. It all depends on the organization's needs at the time. 

Design Group International provides Interim Executive Leadership services through leaders well versed in executive transitions and organizational dynamics. 

Candidate Screening Process

Design Group International employs a proprietary candidate screening process that helps both candidates and search committees to find out quickly whether candidates are moving forward, and what their next steps are. 

Search Committees benefit from the process because they only interview candidates that already meet their minimum criteria, and have low investment in those who do not.

Candidates benefit because they find out quickly whether they will be moving forward in the process, without waiting around for long periods without hearing anything. 

The whole process is, of course, wrapped in the professional confidentiality required of such high-value searches. 

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