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We are offering a free webinar series on Listening, Helping and Learning: A holistic way for leaders to help others succeed. How can we listen more deeply with empathy? What does real help look like for different members of a team? How can we learn individually, and together, with a sense of co-agency and stewardship for the future? Participants will learn a new way to improve their role in helping others succeed with practical steps to implement.

Yes! I'm registering for the Listening, Helping, Learning webinars hosted by Kim Stezala and Lon Swartzentruber, Design Group Intl.

Let's be better together - especially in times of crisis  

Why partner with Design Group International?

Our team of consultants have devoted their careers to the issues you face everyday. We specialize in transformational change, walking alongside you as you reach your goals.  In whatever ways you've had to pivot in recent weeks we are here to listen, help and learn together.

We take an adaptive approach to meet you where you are NOW and help you get where you want to go for the future.  

We have a long history of working toward educational access and equity with partners across the United States:  Charter schools, independent schools, college access and success programs, scholarship programs, foundations, youth and family organizations...we help our clients increase their impact so students, teams and organizations can thrive.

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Meet a few of the Design Group International Consultants

Kim Stezala
Photo of Lon Swartzentruber

A Process Approach to walking alongside leaders and organizations.

As Process Consultants, we utilize three primary values in order to effectively walk alongside you as a client. A process approach to consulting recognizes the critical role of listening to you in order to design solutions that move your organization forward, helping you work through substantive change, and learning together how make organizational change sustainable. Although these shared values may function in sequence, they are often iterative and constantly working together throughout our relationship. Here are some tangible ways we can help educational access, equity, and opportunity organizations grow and transform.