What is a platform? Why do organizational development professionals need one?

Perhaps we should ask what it is not?

  • A platform is not a container (it would then be a tomb!)
  • A platform is not a wilderness (a platform has some idea of a destination)
  • A platform is not a consumable (it would instantly cease to exist once used)

A platform can be a:

  1. Point of Launch - e.g. a diving board or a rocket pad
  2. Stage - e.g. a place for performance, a showcase or an organizing point for marshalling resources or conducting triage
  3. Support - e.g. hidden reinforcements or structure, platform shoes, braces, even an exoskeleton

Design Group International is a platform and provides all three possibilities in combination.  We are:

A launch point, especially as we onboard a new consultant. We provide a place to discover clarity initially, and then a place to repeatedly launch ideas for client service. We also provide strong, expert, accomplished colleagues.

A stage, a place to be seen and from which to organize one's actions and resources to perform well for one's clients.

A support, in that we provide excellent back office administration. This creates efficiencies and strength of brand so that one's practice is more vibrant, sustaining and effective.

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-mark l vincent


Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
October 15, 2014
I walk alongside leaders, listening to understand their challenges, and helping them lead healthy organizations that flourish.