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"The Selfless Leader" is released this week.

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Feb 27, 2015 7:00:00 AM

We often provide resource reviews on Fridays, but this week we announce one where our CEO - Mark L. Vincent -- participated in its making.



Here is what editor, Scott Rodin, says about it:

What makes a truly good leader?

There are certainly a number of qualities that every gifted leader must have, but one thing that is common to all great leaders throughout history is something desperately lacking in our culture today: selflessness.

It is our collective experience that the greatest leaders we have known all have had this quality of selflessness, not as something they learned through study but as part of their character and worldview.

I invited six friends to join me in reflecting on our experience of selfless leadership. I asked that they go beyond theory and talk about their struggles and victories in developing this character in their life and leadership. I deeply appreciate their wisdom and candidness that comes through in the pages that follow.

Kingdom Life Publishing is excited to offer you this free collaborative eBook!

The Selfless Leader is comprised of personal stories from seven influential leaders including:

  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Congresswoman
  • Jo Ann Lyon, Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church
  • Dan Busby, President of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)
  • Mark L. Vincent, CEO of Design Group International
  • Tim Hanifen, Vice President, Marine Corps Systems, The Boeing Company
  • Tim Walberg, Congressman
  • R. Scott Rodin, President, Rodin Consulting Inc. and Kingdom Life Publishing Inc.

After reading this book you will walk away:

  • Challenged with a new vision for your role as a leader that brings freedom and joy
  • Inspired by lives of leaders who share how they strive to be selfless leaders
  • Encouraged to pursue selflessness where Christ is the center of your focus and work

This book is written for Christian leaders at every level; ministry leaders, pastors, business leaders, mothers, fathers and every follower of Christ who seeks to lead and live with freedom and joy.

Click here for your free copy.

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