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The Process Consultant's Creed

Posted by Aurora Rogers on Apr 28, 2014 5:00:00 AM

I am ...

a FACILITATOR when you need to digest new information; 

a GUIDE when you need to make an informed decision; 

a COUNSELOR when you seek to understand;

a COACH when you want to excel; 

a STUDENT of your vision;

an ADVOCATE of your mission;

a GUARD of your interests; 

a TRAINER when you need to learn new skills; 


PASSIONATE about excellence; 

COMMITTED to integrity; 

COMPASSIONATE to reach out; 

GENEROUS to collaborate; 

DRIVEN to help.


I believe products are tools and people are assets, information is useful, experience is knowledge, confidence is good, humility is better, understanding is necessary and collaboration is foundational. 

I enjoy working with those who are willing to submit to a process and not just interested in a product.

I am a process-centered consultant. I am professional. I am human. I believe my passion-driven process makes me different than other service providers.





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