The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

Entrepreneurship for Weirdos, misfits, and World Dominators

Publishing Information: by Chris Brogan, Wiley. 2014

Subject area(s): entrepreneurship, business ownership, personal brand

Type of resource: guide to starting a business and building a personal brand

----Ratings (1-5)*----

freaksThought leadership = 1. The most original aspect of this book is its cover of ugly bat faces.  This book is largely a rehash of blog posts you can read elsewhere without buying the book, and is a restatement of popular advice you can find most anywhere. What is original and interesting is that Mr. Brogan has found his inner freak given his eclectic tastes and vision, and maximized it. Mr. Brogan is not so arrogant as to say you can do what he did with the same results. Rather, you can follow a similar process of getting in touch with who you are and use it as potential rather than as burden.  The wisest thing he says can be traced back to many wise sages across the millennia:

  • "The amount of people who will convince you that your idea is wrong usually grows in accordance with how unique the idea is." (p. 155)

Accessibility of the material = 2. The book is indexed so you can find what Mr. Brogan offers on a variety of business subjects. It needs to be because it is a stream of consciousness of haphazardly arranged, overlapping and somewhat related blog posts by a popular blogger who tells you his success can be yours. He has a wonderful life, has achieved all his life goals and has an incredible girlfriend.

Mix of theory and practice = 1. The core idea of the book is that we are all original works of art and should live into it. Mr. Brogan's practice of this important insight is on display, but the book is neither practical nor theoretical. It mostly guides and tells, and not nearly as well as a DayTimer guide does. We can trust Mr. Brogan because he has already done what he is advising. And skateboarding mogul Tony Hawk did it too!, among other examples Mr. Brogan points to. As a result the book reads almost semi-autobiographically, falling short of Seth Godin's artful prose and not pointing to deeper sources. This reader found himself saying "I want more" not because of how the great the book is, but because Mr. Brogan seems perched on the ledge of something incredibly important and simply and repetitively says "Wow!  Isn't this great!"

Look and feel = 3. Wiley tends to publish with quality and does so here. Much more could have been done with the unique cover, carrying it over inside the book.

Engagement of the audience = 2. Those who enjoy Mr. Brogan's blog posts will like the book. Someone just starting out with entrepreneurial toes in the water can benefit by responding a number of the questions Mr. Brogan asks. Those who want to emulate his lifestyle will find a hero. Our recommendation is that you simply subscribe to his blog.


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1= Not registering
2= Present
3= Effective
4= Commendable
5= Outstanding

--mark l vincent


Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
October 31, 2014
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