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The Audacity of Steward Leadership

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Apr 21, 2014 5:30:00 AM

I pulled up a 2012 Richard Branson interview in Inc. Magazine this week.  The article is titled "Sir Audacity."  I was struck by this quote about entrepreneurs:   

"The most difficult time is when you are starting from scratch with no financial backing--just an idea. True audaciousness comes about with...those people who have the pluck and the courage to say 'Screw it; let's do it."


Those aren't the words we used in starting what is now Design Group International, but our attitude was the same. We said,  "if not you, then who? If not now than when?" Now nearly 15 years after our initial planning we've had a lot of grand adventures in helping leaders and organizations figure out, rebuild and extend the success of their mission. 

I can't help but think this should be the attitude of the person committed to being a steward leader. Such a person is done with trying to control everything, or to be controlled by the shadowed forces that would have them not put resources granted them into play --- so that all that God creates and gives flourishes rather than is diminished or destroyed.

Audacity to live with integrity.
Audacity to make a difference.
Audacity to live courageously.
Audacity to build to the extent of one's talents and beyond.
Audacity to commit, to follow through, to repeatedly exceed expectations and not need the credit.
Audacity to be free, really free, to serve.

Steward Leaders travel their life roads but once. They cannot know how long any match between vision and opportunity will last. Their responsibility is to seize the day on behalf of the Owner with whose investment they are entrusted. They cannot do it without the freedom to do so. And that freedom grows from tapping audacity within far more than seeking permission from without.

Audacity is not a bad descriptor for one’s epitaph! I look forward to Design Group International's helping more leaders and organizations claim this adjective for themselves, and then moving forward in mission.

-mark l vincent


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