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Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Oct 27, 2014 8:00:00 AM

This past Saturday I was privileged to facilitate some training in group decision-making and design for a varietyPeople Together-4 of organizational boards, many of them Christian Care Communities. I tend to call this type of training the Art of Agreement

They seemed apt to learn and challenged to grow in their effectiveness. At the end of the day we talked a little about "Agreement" - the structure required to find a way forward even if not everything you personally want gets done. We also talked about "Art" - the capacity to be original and creative in order to find a way forward.

Through it all, leaders of decision making processes have to personally work at being conscious of the dynamics of the group with which they are working, and present with them in the moment. Often times those qualities that make them an excellent do-er and gives rise to the leader are the qualities that work against them excelling at becoming a be-er, able to call out the gifts of others rather than continuing to perform.

Here is the follow-up note and set of resources we provided after the workshop. As readers of this blog, you are welcome to use the slides with attribution. I'm also happy to be in conversation with anyone who wants to know more.


Good morning-

I wish you a good day of worship and fellowship today.

Yesterday seemed to be a productive day for those who gathered to learn and consider how to more effectively construct decision-making at the board and senior staff levels of their respective organizations. It was a privilege to present and I hope you know I’m happy to help with any follow up.

Here is  a .pdf file of the Art of Agreement slides we used.

And . . . here are several links to blog posts that touch on the same subject. Feel free to send these out as additional material to those who participated.

Finally, here are two white papers that may be useful:

The Tao of Action-Reflection      Wheel Forward or Spiral Downward

Again, it was my privilege and I wish you all excellent and improved board meetings from here on.

In Service,

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