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Personal vs. Corporate Mission: getting the linkage in sync

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Oct 8, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Getting the message tight and right about an organization is hard work -- especially reducing it to something memorable, repeatable and desirable.

Getting the message honed and toned about you is harder work -- especially making it fascinating, promotable and valuable.

Even harder? Getting the fit between the organization's message and your message so tight that no-one can find the seam, sort of like a lid on a box that fits so tightly you would not find it if it wasn't for the latch.

Hardest of all?  Expressing these tight-fitting messages from the client or customer's perspective rather than from your own. Why is it exactly that clients choose us? Why do they ask for me? This is quite different than telling them what I do.

Here is our current iteration at Design Group International, along with my own. What do you think? Are we stating them from the client's perspective? Are they effective? Note how statements get shorter as we move closer to the client's vision of us.

  Our/My Perspective  Client Perspective

Design Group International


We are an organizational development firm committed to process consulting.

It begins with design

(The client defines "it" and we go to work)

My Message

I help leaders and organizations move from where they are to where they want to go.

Forward-thinking realized

I am particularly grateful for Sally Hogshead's latest work How the World Sees You as an excellent resource fascinationtaking us to the next step.

As it is, we are never done shaping and focusing and trying ever sharper ways of making our effectiveness visible. And, I can never be done learning how to live more deeply and visibly into my own gifts. When these two come together, my gifts benefitting the organization's successful mission--the organization bolstering and strengthening me; making it possible for the client or customer to readily find what they were looking for, then memorable, fulfilling, world-shaping work takes place.

Give me more of that!

-mark l vincent


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