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Organizational Leaders who ask for A-men! and Oh My!

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Feb 19, 2014 5:23:42 AM

Yesterday brought a lot of snow removal work after a storm. Those hours of physical labor and an undistracted mind can bring new levels of creativity.  Here is a humorous for instance:


This exercise in grafitti on my snow wall became a problem to figure out, something to muse on while I shoveled. In the end, cranberry juice in a spray bottle became the means.

A more important reflection came as I remembered two responses Tim Lichti, a Hesston College instructor, taught me at a leadership retreat some years ago:

What makes you say A-men or Oh My?

A-men = Yes! All Right!  Woo Hoo! Let's Go!

Oh My = Hmmm. Ooops. That's a surprise. I don't think so. Just not sure because . . . . 

Please note this isn't a vote of Amen or Oh My. The emphasis is on articulating what brings out that response. 

This is an excellent question to ask when considering a proposal. It fosters Team discussion without holding referendums on people's positions, thoughts or ideas. Everyone can contribute before you start moving toward any resulting decision.

Shoveling all that snow gave me time to reflect back on how often this question proved an effective catalyst while working in teams. Give it a try and see if it catalyzes the teams you lead.

Thanks Tim!

-mark l vincent


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