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Notes on a resource: Generous Matters

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Feb 7, 2014 6:30:00 AM


Generous Matters

Author/Title/Publisher:  Generous Matters is a blog written by Rebekah Basinger of Basinger Consulting


Subject area(s): Fundraising Counsel, Board Education

Type of resource: Short essays intended to promote best practices and provide wise counsel. Rebekah often points to other resources she finds useful.

Where you can purchase or retrieve it:

Ratings (1-5):

  • Thought leadership = 5
    • Rebekah's book Growing Giver's Hearts and her regular columns for In Trust have influenced many development officers, Executive Directors and board members.
  • Accessibility of the material = 5
    • Rebekah's blog is searchable and she often provides links to related posts and articles within individuals blog entries.
  • Mix of theory and practice = 4
    • A good mix of one or the other, but not always both/and.
  • Look and feel = 4
    • Elegant in appearance and very accessible. One feels like they are sitting in a tea room, or should be drinking tea as they read.
  • Engagement of the audience = 5
    • Rebekah keeps the articles short and interestings, occasionally placing herself in the articles so that we know she is human. Even then the subjects of board and fund raising remaining center stage.

Rebekah is a best practices person from beginning to end. Her blog is an effective extension of her character, her commitments, and her vocational experience. This is one I always look at.

--mark l vincent


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