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Notes on a Resource: Apple@Work

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Feb 14, 2014 8:30:00 PM

Mac|Life Presents: Apple@Work

Author/Title/Publisher:  Future US, Inc. 

Subject area(s): Computing Productivity in the Mac environment

Type of resource: Tips and assistance for people who use Apple computing products

Where you can purchase or retrieve it:  Newsstands and Bookstores. Amazingly, it is not available online (that we could discover). New issues are available quarterly.

Ratings (1-5):

  • Thought leadership = 2
    • Content is mostly advertorial, displaying apps, giving tips to help users, and laid out for quick perusal.
  • Accessibility of the material = 3
    • The magazine is colorful and easy on the eyes. Information is displayed well. Related websites are easy to find. The lack of an on-line or digital version sticks out for lack of interactivity.
  • Mix of theory and practice = 3
    • Practice, practice, practice. Not every periodical has to tell us "why" but the deficit is that the reader can't click to access the materials they've just been reading.
  • Look and feel = 5
    • Looks like a hybrid of a professional journal and magazine, heft and texture is that of a journal.
  • Engagement of the audience = 3
    • This is laid out for skimming and catching your eye for products/services you might want to purchase. The result is that little serious reading and learning takes place.

$10 per issue is a lot to pay for information available and far more interactive via a web search engine. A better use of the money is simply to get a Mac|Life subscription, or better yet, use Flipboard or similar to make sure you are seeing the latest information.

--mark l vincent


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