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Thought leadership = 5. Writing reviews like these I don't want to be guilty of gushing over something very often. However, I'm liking this keyboard a lot, especially as a multi-device Apple user. This keyboard can dial in to three separate devices, actually making it practical to have your computer, your phone and your pad all responsive to the same keyboard simply by adjusting the dial. You no longer need to put something down to pick something up, making for a noticeable difference for anyone committed to efficient time an energy. The photo shows a phone in the slot above the keys, but it actually fits both phone and pad if they are both inserted vertically.

Accessibility  = 4. If you know how to pair bluetooth devices, you will have no difficulty setting this up. The real trick is to remember which device corresponds to which number on the dial. This is nothing a sharpie can't fix!

Mix of theory and practice = 2. This is eminently practical, not a technology advance, but an advance in what already exists.

Look and feel = 3. The keyboard is a little heavy to carry around with you, but hefty and durable for an every day all day workstation. A little bit of ergonomic tilt would be nice.

Engagement of the audience = 2. This is not a designful wonder like an Apple keyboard. The only ooohs and ahs it is going to get is from the user who shifts from working on a document on multiple screens to responding to a text confirming they are about to leave for lunch, simply by flipping a switch and continuing to type. Users will be the best advertising.


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Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
October 17, 2014
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