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Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Sep 24, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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As you are growing in leadership, intending to function at the highest possible capacity, the following chart will be helpful in determining which of the Three Turns is your space. Once you have settled into it, you can consider what you might do to keep learning and then decide "where from here." 
This is also a helpful guide to have in front of you when listening to the "Those Three Turns," an episode of the Third Turn Podcast.
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You will note that Turn One focuses on professional development in one's area of learning — helping a person perform better, in addition to becoming a better person. 
Turn Two focuses on leadership and organizational development in one's area of learning — helping the leader and the organization perform better as a combined system, working toward personal and operational excellence.
Turn Three focuses on developing future value for the organization as one’s area of learning — helping the world flourish because succession and legacy were well planned and executed.
These turns overlap, yet a person and an organization can easily discern their place and then imagine important next steps to take.  Take a minute to identify where you are and which resources are available to you.  Whether it is personal development with a coach, professional content you might study, assessments you might complete, a group of leaders you might join, or the type of outside advising/consultation you might pursue, there is usually something a leader is not yet fully utilizing.  
Some will thirst to move into their next Turn and beyond, bringing good things from other Turns with them.
Some will be content with the Turn they are in, adding elements of other Turns.
Some will be hesitant to try until they are certain of the outcomes, or they will delay until they feel safe, although such safety and certainty often never arrive.
Whichever of these we may be, intention is the key to a satisfying decision to stay where we are - and the lack of intention brings the frustration of being stuck, discontent, and unable to move forward and be transformed.
Design Group International can help you connect to any of the above resources. Feel free to contact us via Or, simpler still, I’m happy to talk with you. Connect easily using this link to schedule a call with me.
We developed Maestro-level leaders as a special resource for leaders in their Third Turn. I would especially be delighted to speak with qualified individuals as we are forming our 2021 Cohort.

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