We’ve been paying attention to the evolution of inbound marketing and the use of content to drive visibility. Design Group International adopted a content-based marketing strategy early and continue a frequency of blog posting, article writing and white paper development located on our site, and even more importantly, on the platform of other organizations who are our colleagues and clients. Senior Consultant Matthew Thomas has been particularly prolific of late.
We like this strategy because of the conversations it creates, not just when we publish, but months and inbound_marketingsometimes years down the road. Putting our content out there shows our corporate DNA, our commitment to process consultation and client-centeredness, and perhaps most importantly, our commitment to lifelong learning and knowledge leaks into the leaders and organizations we serve.
And this is where the struggle enters. Many other firms and highly regarded experts use content developers, content consolidators and ghost writers to publish under their name and voice. The volume of their publishing output goes well beyond what one person can write on their own, while still learning and serving clients.  This is not true of all well-known voices, of course, as some are making a living as bloggers. We simply cannot publish good content every day all day long while serving clients with excellence. Neither do we want client service to be a means to develop content. Content may well result, yes, but it cannot be the means.
I don’t intend to raise a question of the integrity of others. I simply point to the struggle of developing content as a truly creative process. We want to publish because we are learning and have something to share, not because we must meet the demands of a publishing schedule. Mark Driscoll is a recent and painful example of giving in to and being compromised by the demand churn. In contrast to this is the real person, real thoughts example of Jack Salzwedel of American Family Insurance.
Our commitment remains to develop content based on what we learn beside our clients. We will publish frequently because we have something to share, not because we must.
Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
May 4, 2015
I walk alongside leaders, listening to understand their challenges, and helping them lead healthy organizations that flourish.