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What are the factors in personal design?

Posted by Walter Sawatzky on Oct 13, 2014 6:30:00 AM
....third of three in a series on turning job frustration into vocational clarity

The mystery of your “True Calling” can be solved through a process that includes eight personal design factors , each of which will be explored in detail in coming months:

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1. Life purpose. What is the core theme or message of your life?

2. Values. What matters most to you?

3. Motivators and interests. What motivates you to do something well?

4. Knowledge, skills and abilities. What do you know a significant amount about? What natural talents or strengths do you have, and what other marketable skills have you developed that you enjoy using? What education have you received?

5. Work and other experience. What kinds of work experience have you had?  What about volunteer or a vocational experience?

6. Job/career targets. What kinds of jobs or careers do you want to pursue next?

7. Work environment. What is the ideal setting and company culture for you?

8. Business reality. Are the options you have selected financially viable? Do you have a realistic view of the job search process and probabilities?

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-Walter Sawatzky




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