The Enneagram-A Christian Perspective

Publishing Information: by Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert, Crossroad. 2013

Subject area(s): personal transformation, personality studies

Type of resource: self understanding and personal development

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Thought leadership = 5. Richard Rohr is widely recognized as a significant voice in ennegram studies, not just enneagrambecause of the correlating work he does with the Christian perspective--a spiritual tradition with whom a majority of American identify--but because he provides clarity and focus absent among so many of the other social science and psychological writings on the subject.

Accessibility of the material = 4. Mapping personalities is a complex task and an inexact science. One simply cannot skim material like this. Rohr strikes the best balance in the literature base to date, helping people locate themselves within the enneagram and then pointing to what it means for personal and spiritual transformation.

Mix of theory and practice = 2. This book is descriptive regading personality and what specific personality configurations need to consider. Next steps are left to the reader, however.

Look and feel = 3. The book is intimidating in size and heft. The reader enters into a lot of information that needs to be distilled and digested. A person ready for a spiritual journey may well find this inviting because they already have their journal and pen and a quiet place set aside to do the contemplative reading.

Engagement of the audience = 2. The enneagram does not enjoy the same level of popular use as other forms of personality testing, especially tools geared for the workplace. This is sad because the enneagram ties nicely to many of these other tools, offering supplemental and spiritual insight. Even more, it is one of the few tools that moves beyond mere description to an invitation to a more enlightened and transformed way of living. Rohr, or any other person offering an enneagram resource, needs to keep establishing and building the credibility of this helpful tool so that organizational leaders grow more eager to use it.


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Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
October 3, 2014
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