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"IT" begins with design

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Oct 3, 2011 1:51:00 PM

Here are two approaches to consulting within which Design Group International must make constant choices:

Product Consulting vs. Process Consulting

* The consultant offers a package and markets to clients.

* The consultant develops clarity and solutions alongside clients.

* The consultant is an expert, bringing knowledge to the client. * The consultant is a n expert learner, working beside clients.
* The consultant points to a product as the means to accomplish mission. * The consultant points to the client, the client's means to accomplish the mission, and what process will help them close the gaps.
* The consultant adapts a product to suit the client. * The consultant helps the client adapt and develop.
* The consultant is conerned about protecting their intellectual property so they can sell it again. * The consultant lets their knowledge leak everywhere, believing new knowledge will develop when working with new clients.
* The consultant thinks about designging a new product that might be sold. * The consultant designs the process with clients out of which new products might be developed.

Design Group International intends to function in the right hand column, which describes the process consulting orientation to which we are committed.

We do not intend to denigrate a product approach (the left hand column), but we note that products, brands and the corporations that developed them come and go--no matter how big they became or how many units of product they sell.

People remain. People will use whatever is developed. And people make the decisions--for good or for ill. People are central to "IT" when we say "IT" begins with design.

-mark l vincent

p.s.  Do you want to know more about the Design Group International approach? Get our free resource: The Tao of Action-Reflection.

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