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Lifelong learning: part of the steward leader's job description

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Sep 16, 2011 12:46:00 PM

steward leader, lifelong learning, life long learningInherent to the idea of a steward leader is caring of a trust (in this case an organization) so that others might care for it in the future.

For an organization to exist in the future, iand for others to want to care for it, the organization has to be repristinized at least every generation (repristinization is the act of making something pristine again). We all hear the word transformation a lot, but repristinization conveys the idea of keeping the initial dream of the organization alive, however much must be transformed. It even conveys the idea that keeping something the same means it has to keep changing. An illustration might be re-building a bathroom wall after there was a leak--making it look exactly as it did before.

To lead an organization through a pristinization process, the leader has to keep learning because the skills to do so keep changing and the standards for success keep rising. If I refuse to learn the organization stops growing with me. It is as if I refuse to remodel the leaky bathroom, hoping no-one will notice, and pretending everything is at is has always been. The lesson here is that to keep something the same, I have to keep upgrading, and if I want to improve and expand something i have to upgrade it. Lifelong learning is important either way.

I write this as I enter my new kindergarten at the Hugs Summit 2011, learning about inbound marketing.

-mark l vincent

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