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Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Jul 16, 2011 4:50:00 PM

A flier I hold in my hand offers ministerial services for YOUR wedding. No particular tradition. No form or style imposed. A spiritual feel, certainly, but you don't have to have any religious commitment. Promises made between two people, certainly, but no covenant. A close fascimile to a church wedding without any guilt, obligation or the atmosphere of the judge's chambers.

A small minister-for-hire business has been birthed out of this non-affiliated religious culture, but can it pay its way? I don't think so, not without other pay-as-you-go ministry services added on, or a part-time job elsewhere.

There are two quasi-ministers in the wedding business flier I'm holding. If each were full-time, they would need to officiate at least a wedding a week and charge $1,000 a wedding--no great earnings for a small business if health insurance, administrative costs and marketing are considered. Can they actually book more than one hundred weddings a year, and will people pay this minimal a fee for the privilege of a spiritual-lite wedding when they can often get real facilities and minister for a donation or a much smaller fee? Even in a large city this looks like a sideline business more than one that completely earns a living.

Still, a lesson grows from this flier. Businesses grow wherever there is a perceived need. In a culture that no longer views marriage as a fundamentally stabilizing unit in society, believes sexuality is a recreation interrupted by the reproductive fluids male and female bodies generate, and thinks covenant is something to avoid, traditional ministers find the new commercial opportunities for wedding ceremonies repugnant and others will enter the market to exploit the opportunity that develops. That, or current ministers will change their theology to chase the money.

-mark l vincent

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