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Musings: Fasting From Demagogues

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Aug 27, 2010 12:21:00 PM

Chipmunks are cute . . . .from a distance. When they dig holes in your yard that leaves you with a sprained ankle, or weaken the foundation of your home by burrowing under it, they are cute no longer.

Demagogues are like chipmunks. They crept in when we were away on vacation and burrowed under our house. At first it was just a little Donahue or Sally Jesse Raphael–hosts standing by as people screamed their two minute sound bytes about complex subjects at one another. Now it is entire networks and evening lineups of hosts doing the ranting. We aren’t just spraining our ankles on the holes they leave behind. We are spraining our collective souls.

So . . .

I declare a fast from FOX

Yes, and from MSNBC.

No more reality shows–

Not for me.


And if you want to discuss politics, religion

or even sexuality,

then give me an hour and sipping tea.


Let’s keep open minds.

Let’s demonstrate that we still read

and then reflect,

so we can still say, “Aha!” and “Indeed!”


Let’s keep learning

and continue being guided

by Light

and not by what has already been decided.


Let’s find joy in learning,

conversing and discerning,

so we can live in peaceful progress

instead of society that is burning


with hatred, anger

and fear as a guide.

Give me the narrow path

and a heart that is wide.

-mark l vincent

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