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Introducing: wheel forward or spiral downward

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Sep 24, 2012 6:30:00 AM

Wheel forward or spiral downward

Making a choice for strategic design

 Download the complete paper from Kim Stezala and Mark L. Vincent by clicking the link below:


The following is an excerpt of the paper Wheel Forward or Spiral Downward. You can download the paper by clicking on the blue box above.

wheel forward or spiral downward, kim stezala, mark l vincent, design group internationalStrategic planning methods and tools are so numerous and contradictory that leaders have good reason to trust their own judgment, even if their judgment is flawed and uninformed. Actually, many strategic planning methods come from executives who followed their own judgment and found success. Their success convinced them that what they did in one setting would be successful elsewhere. They launched a consulting practice and then tried to sell their personality and method as an incredible method you can purchase from them. Maybe you’ve heard the offers, “Act now and you can get a discount!  Purchase level two, the expert level! Become a protégé who can carry the secrets of strategic planning to other companies where you can drop the name of your business guru as your personal friend and give her or him 50% or more of your fees! Then you too can claim to be an international speaker who has consulted with Fortune 500 companies!”  Yikes!

The result: another product on the market that adds to the confusion, driving even more executives to do it on their own. Those who find success will believe they discovered the magical organizational elixir that will work wherever it is drunk. Just follow the directions and do it like they done it even though the situation is entirely different. Further, most strategic planning products do not have a solution for situations in which previous planning efforts were begun and then scrapped, implemented and then only partially successful, or needed to be adapted on the fly because of changing circumstances. Business-celebrity driven products and methods usually have no mechanism to diagnose and fix work that is already underway.

What self-proclaimed experts repeatedly fail to understand is that it was the process that made their strategy successful:


Armed with the right reasons,

       the right people figured it out

                  with the right insight

                           at the right place

                                    at the right time

                                             with the right approach. 

Remove any one of these factors from the recipe and even the most sophisticated or exciting method struggles to find success. If each element is present even the most rudimentary method can take an organization forward. 

-Kim Stezala and Mark L. Vincent

     Stezala consulting, design group international, kim stezala      design group international, mark l vincent, wheel forward or spiral downward

 Download the complete paper from Kim Stezala and Mark L. Vincent by clicking the link below:

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