If you are a business owner or marketer, you've spent at least a little time thinking about the personas you consider ideal to reach. It helps you define your message and reduce the wasting of everyone's time. I especially like it when this is transparent to me as a prospective client or customer, so I assume you might enjoy our transparency with you. 

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Who do we target as we recruit for a maestro-level leader cohort? 

We want to reach CEOs and Company Owners who founded, scaled, or turned a company around. Looking 5 to 8 years into the future, they realize what they must next develop in their company will be completed under the leadership of others. 

They feel the conundrum! If they avoid their responsibility of taking the risk to solve for the future, the organization will begin descending into failure, and current and future value will disintegrate. Any successors would be disabled from the beginning. These leaders also realize they get one shot at this and cannot do it alone or based on their current competence and experience. 

They are lifelong learners rather than people who mourn how the business environment keeps changing.

What are some of the critical components of a maestro-level leader's journey? 

  • Formation of a life plan
  • Estate planning
  • Organization-wide succession planning 
  • Business continuity planning
  • Business valuation
  • Board competence and ongoing development
  • Strategic planning for future value
  • Operational excellence planning and metrics
  • Future balance sheet forecasting for organizational stability and resilience
  • A job description for their Maestro-level leader journey
  • Development of a map for their Maestro-level leader journey

What options do we offer Maestro-level leaders?

  1. A Cohort Experience
    • 6-10 persons meeting each month for a half-day virtual meeting, and a 1- 5 day quarterly retreat
    • 6-10 persons meeting monthly  for a half-day virtual meeting, and quarterly for a 1.5 day retreat.
    • 90 minute Executive Advising conversations each month
    • Annual interaction with the Board, Executive team, or a combination, touching on the next stage of the Maestro-level leader journey.
    • The weekly Maestro-level letter
  2. Executive Advising -- Thought partnership with the Founder/CEO.
    • Frequency, Format, and content tailored to client objectives
    • The weekly Maestro-level letter
  3. Maestro-level Leader Process Design
    • Custom-crafting a maestro-level leader journey with the leader and their Boon and/or executive team,

 What additional resources do we make available for our audience?

 -mark l vincent 

By the way, we are committed to the originality of the content!

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Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
December 2, 2021
I walk alongside leaders, listening to understand their challenges, and helping them lead healthy organizations that flourish.