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If you are a business leader who built up a business and now has opportunity and desire to guide that company toward future value, a successful succession, and the possibility of an enduring legacy, you represent just 1% of business leaders.
It makes you a unicorn's unicorn.
Do you doubt how rare and special this is? May I invite you to do your own calculations? 
How many businesses close each year? How brief is the average CEO's tenure? How many mergers and acquisitions do not achieve their value? How many succession plans lead to business failure?
Of the 17% of family-run businesses that have succession plans, just how many actually put them into play and how many succeed? How many CEOs/Owners are able to navigate the transition to future value and succession in the way they built the business? Just how many are able to continue the long wrestle of lifelong learning? 
You'll find attrition is extremely steep. Those who stay with it and continue learning are in a very special category.
  • 1% of the estimated 200 million employing firms on earth is 200,000.
  • Of this, 5.54 million employing firms are in the USA.
  • 1% of that 5.54 million is 55,400.

Reverse the numbers just for the USA (5.54 million), and you can join me in being stunned that nearly every business loses its way. The sustained attention to leading toward future value and successful succession is so very rare. The normal story is ego-driven battle, job loss, and selling off assets.
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My guess is that if you are in that 1% you will find this tree graphic appealing.
You see systems and sub-systems.
You value the organic nature of successful business.
You care about flourishing that comes after you and makes way for the peaceful well-being of others.
You care about interdependence and your grandchildren's grandchildren.
You know that you don't know and have learned not to be afraid.
You are a lifelong learner.
If we are going to make any dent in the number of failures and sorrows, we have to do something different.
With our work detailing the Three Turns of the Executive Leader and the launch of Maestro-level leaders, we intend to develop and help these lifelong learners find each other.  The failure of businesses to continue building value starts with the churn of talent -- future Maestro-level leaders dropping out, being forced out,  or getting stuck because they've come to believe they are all alone.
When you are in the 1% it is hard to find each other. We'd like to help. And, we'd like the number to get larger!
The 2021 Maestro-level leader cohort is forming. Let's start our conversation.
Bonus:  I enjoyed a lunchtime conversation with Dacia Coffee, CEO of Marketing Blender, this past week.  Click here to watch.
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Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
November 12, 2020
I walk alongside leaders, listening to understand their challenges, and helping them lead healthy organizations that flourish.