You value your organization.

You want to work, manage, and govern with purpose and mission. That's why you serve in the nonprofit sector. 

We want to help you take a snapshot of your financial health - cut through the numbers to the fundamentals. By looking at a single period of your financial statements, we can help you describe how you operate and where your major operational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. 

This snapshot doesn't look at trends, governance, or procedure - just the financial statement. (Those things are covered in our Financial Health Assessment, located here.) The financial statement can tell us a lot about how your organization operates in a specific period in time.

In order to conduct the Snapshot, we will need a copy of your latest Revenue-Expense statement (preferably twelve months' worth), and your Balance Sheet / Statement of Financial Position / Listing of Assets and Liabilities for the end of the same time period. Typically, we can work from an annual report if we need to, but a month-by-month breakdown on revenue and expenses is often helpful. If you need help putting these together, let us know.


Yes, Please! I'd like the Snapshot!

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Financial Snapshot Assessment