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Matthew M. Thomas, EPC

Senior Design Partner

Information Applied

Matthew M. Thomas, EPC, is a Senior Design Partner with Design Group International

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Join other leaders in reading compelling content on topics essential to the success of organizational executives and owners. Matthew writes on organizational design, transformation and change at Design Group International's Sustainable Vision Blog. It publishes at least monthly.
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Interested in meeting Matthew in person? He attends several networking events regularly. 
Matthew regularly attends the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce First Friday Coffees and Business After Hours events. For a schedule of regular Champaign County Chamber of Commerce Networking Events, click here.

For the Urbana Business Association Networking Events, click here

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Booking: Interested in Matthew leading a seminar for your group? Click here to get started.

Attending: Matthew leads seminars throughout the year. Here is what is coming up:
"How Prepared is your Business for Change in our Community" 22 January 2019, 3 PM.  M2, 301 N Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820. With Champaign Center Partnership.
"Scaling and Growing Your Team" 24 January 2019, 12 - 1 PM. EnterpriseWorks, 
60 Hazelwood Dr, Champaign, IL 61820. With EnterpriseWorks at the University of Illinois Research Park.

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