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Matthew M. Thomas, EPC

Senior Design Partner

Information Applied

Matthew M. Thomas, EPC, is a Senior Design Partner with Design Group International

Benefits and Outcomes


Matthew provides a variety of benefits and outcomes to clients through each phase of the listening, helping, and learning process. Here are some highlights.


      • to leaders to craft the best questions to be asked on their behalf;
      • to respondents to invite open-ended responses that can make adaptive, creative, innovative, and informative contributions;
      • to data leaders already have and new data that emerges from the work we do together.


Helping organizations and leaders

      • make discoveries,
      • deepen understanding,
      • make decisions,
      • and improve relationships.


Learning alongside leaders as they

      • Discover new things: “We didn’t know that even existed!”
      • Confirm hunches: “We thought we might see that.”
      • Test hypotheses: “We believe X, is it true?”
      • Connect the dots: “So this is how it all fits together.”
      • Build the model: “This is what makes it tick.”
      • Clarify the problem: “What is actually wrong?”
      • Clear blind spots: “What is out there that we haven’t thought of?”

Learn More

Learn more: connect at a networking event, attend a seminar, book a learn more meeting, email Matthew, reach out by phone.