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Matthew M. Thomas, EPC

Senior Design Partner

Information Applied

Matthew M. Thomas, EPC, is a Senior Design Partner with Design Group International. 

Core Competencies:

  • Employee Engagement and Transformation
  • Process Development / Analysis
  • Market and Customer Research
  • Survey and Interview Design, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Group Facilitation
  • Nonprofit Governance, Management, and Donor Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning

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Why Matthew?

Matthew is highly sought after for his ability to interpret and organize information to find patterns.

Data analysis and interpretation from a process perspective is more transformative than that which is done from a product perspective. Traditional analysis focuses on information and probabilities, often leaving leaders with static report products. Using a process perspective creates forward motion from the first conversation - allowing leaders to build upon successive learnings toward enterprise-wide gains.

In the analytical world, we have found that lots of people can work with numbers; not everyone can interpret words and feelings, join them with the numbers, and produce something useful for organizational development. Matthew can bring together diverse information and help his clients gain insight for what to do next.

Matthew’s approach to analysis broadens, rather than narrows perspective: it is about what we can learn from others by asking open-ended questions, not about which item will they pick from a list we have given them. This gives us opportunities to learn things we would not have otherwise had a chance to discover - and use that to then focus up what our next steps need to be. 

Benefits and Outcomes


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