Matthew M. Thomas, Senior Consultant


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Matthew M. Thomas, EPC

Senior Design Partner

Innovation Implemented

Matthew M. Thomas, EPC, is a Senior Design Partner with Design Group International. Matt helps organizations and their leaders resolve complex organizational problems by focusing on the process his clients need to achieve their goals and purpose. Matt has a broad range of experience in organizational dynamics across a wide range of organizations and leadership roles.



Matt is passionate about working with leaders who seek to do good while doing well - positively impacting their communities while building their business, non-profit, or religious organization. As such, Matt often works with leaders to sustainably grow or transform their organizations. Matt helps leaders collect, analyze, and interpret data in order to make sound and transformative decisions. Matt is an expert in organizational finance, governance, and process design, discovery, and development. Matt and his wife Lisa live in Champaign, Illinois with their son and daughter.

Insight in Writing

Matt is the primary author of two of Design Group International's Blogs:

Sustainable Vision is for organizational leaders who want to steward their organizations and "do good while doing well." It typically publishes on Tuesdays, though occasionally more often. Subscriptions are free, and e-mail digests are available on your schedule. Subscribe to Sustainable Vision by clicking here.

Growing Generous Hearts is designed for church leaders looking to grow generosity across their congregation, network, association, or denomination.  Growing Generous Hearts publishes on the first Thursday of every month.Subscribe to Growing Generous Hearts by clicking here.


Skill Focus Areas

  • Business Modeling and Design
  • Process documentation, discovery, and implementation
  • Strategy Generation and Implementation
  • Organizational Health Assessments
  • Executive-Level Financial Management Services
  • Generosity and Stewardship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Survey Design, Implementation and Interpretation
  • Agreement design and Smartsettle-assisted negotiation facilitation
  • Church and Faith-Based Organizational Systems
  • Executive Search





Working With Matt Thomas

Matt often hears the question: "Design Group International: What do you design?"

He typically responds with, "We design organizations."

What does that mean?

That means Design Group International offers four basic things:

  1. We offer innovative insight into how organizations and their leaders can meet their needs and achieve their goals.
  2. We offer client-tailored, customized solutions to complex organizational problems.
  3. We offer careful analysis of organizational information and dynamics to empower leaders to act decisively.
  4. We offer personalized coaching relationships to leaders seeking to increase their capacity.


These insights, solutions, analysis, and relationships create a vast array of services for a wide variety of leaders in diverse organizational roles. Matt is equipped to help you select the services that would best fit with you and your organization's needs. You can call him toll-free at 1.877.771.3330 x20, or you can E-mail Matt Thomas.


Social Media

Matt is highly active on Social Media, posting items of interest to organizational leaders regularly. You can follow him on Twitter, like his page on Facebook, check out his LinkedIn profile, and also follow the Design Group International Twitter feed, and like the company Facebook page, all below.