Champaign Center Transformations

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A Generation of Change

By Matthew M. Thomas, EPC
Senior Design Partner
Design Group International

matthew-thomas-2Downtown, Midtown, and Campustown are growing and changing. When I was a child, we didn't go Downtown much - there wasn't much to do as a family. When I was a student at the University, there really were only a couple of taller buildings on campus - most notably the tower at 3rd and John. Frankly, people didn't really have a common name for Midtown.

These days, the landscape is changing. In some ways, it is changing literally, with corridor improvement projects, the 2nd Street Drainage Basin, and the MCORE project. The skyline of Downtown and Campustown in particular is changing - and Midtown is redeveloping. 

More figuratively, the landscape of our market and our local economy is also changing. Old standbys are changing location, changing ownership, or considering next steps. New businesses have arrived and are thriving in new buildings and historic structures. 

As those who own and run businesses in the Champaign Center districts, these changes are often on our minds as they add to the complexity of running and leading our businesses today and in the future. Some of these changes are welcome; others feel forced upon us by outside factors. 

How can we help?

Design Group International is here to help local leaders like you face the challenges of change and thrive. We work with all of the organizational "stuff" that often feels like it gets in the way of really running our businesses - getting it positioned so we can feel good about where we are going. 

We work with:
  • Strategy and strategic implementation
  • Process improvement
  • Leadership development
  • Marketing plans
  • Business planning 
  • Owner exit strategies
  • Surveys and market analytics
  • Financial analysis
  • And so much more!

Local Support

Design Group International is a provider through the City of Champaign Small Business Incentive Program, administered by the Small Business Development Center of Champaign County. This extends the capacity of new businesses to receive organizational design services as they launch and establish their businesses.

Local Exclusive Offer


As a local business invested in our local community, Design Group International has a special offer exclusively to members of the Champaign Center Partnership.

We offer a 15% discount on services to all members of the Partnership for any work involving one or more of our local Consultants, and a free face-to-face initial consultation. 

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