Reflections from the 2015 Stewardship Summit

Posted by Matthew Thomas

matthew-thomas-2The 2015 Stewardship Summit was held from the 6th to the 8th of January, 2015. The three days were packed with content, interaction with speakers, and good side-conversations. It is certainly worth attending in 2016! 

Here are some first thoughts from the Summit:

1. Stewardship has become a theory of everything:

... a stance of how we relate to the things we manage

... we manage everything on behalf of others or Another

... this includes money, but also time, organizations, the environment, our bodies, and everything else we hold on God's behalf.


2. For many churches and ministries, stewardship has become a euphamism for the solicitation of funds:

... conversation is all about how members' funds are to be used on God's behalf

... and the way God uses them is through the church

... the term has been co-opted and often only speaks of the members' relationship to money, and how that can then be directed to the church

... not only is this confusing, but it moves stewardship from discipleship and generosity toward mere funding.

3. Generosity is a strong descriptor for an attitude and character that leads to giving and serving and offering.

... if institutions only speak about generosity in the context of their own fundraising, it sounds a false note

... generosity builds organizationally when the whole enterprise is in alignment

... generosity has a theological basis in the life of the church so that all may have what they need to thrive

4. Internationally, we must be very aware of how our generosity affects others.

... dependency relationships stifle maturity, growth and discipleship

... generosity must find ways of being multi-directional

5. Further theology, study, and understanding of generosity and stewardship could benefit the church as a whole and its constituent members and organizations.

What did you see, hear, and learn at the Summit?



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