New Data Analysis Capacity!

Posted by Matthew Thomas

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matthew-thomas-2.jpgDesign Group International recently increased its capacity for data analysis to better assist organizational leaders in surfacing otherwise-hidden aspects of their transformation process. We made an investment in software used by researchers worldwide that assists with analyzing and visualizing data from a variety of non-numerical formats: textual, graphics, audio, video, relationship, and so on. I'm excited to say that I have received extensive training on how to use the software and I have completed my first client-based project using it.


Like what you're reading? Subscribe Now! As an organization undergoes transformation, we find that the issues that first bring a client to us aren't the real drivers of the need for organizational change. This software empowers us to be able to bring together organizational information from a variety of sources - including surveys, focus groups, interviews, photographs, audio recordings, and videos. We can then pull the themes out that surface in the various formats. The themes that emerge, and the relationships between them, can then help us collaborate with our clients to recommend action steps and priorities to help move the transformation forward.


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I would be glad to walk you through what the software can do with some sample data. Feel free to e-mail me to set up a quick tour and see how we might put this tool to use for your organization! E-mail Matt Thomas

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Growing your Organization: Using the 22Touch Tool

Posted by Matthew Thomas

Recently, I followed Design Group International CEO Mark L Vincent's lead and began using the 22Touch tool.

22 Touch helps organize your business contacts into lists of people with whom you want to be in contact at varying frequency - 22 times per year, 12 times per year, and 4 times per year. It automatically schedules people and reminds you to contact them through e-mail, phone call, personal notes and dropping by.

I have already found this incredibly useful to help me maintain relationships with people with whom I do business. It also has applications for institutional development / advancement officers, church leaders, non-profit leaders and business leaders of all types.

I have found that the initial setup is quite simple, and now I am tweaking my lists so that I get the right people at the right frequency of contact. The tool helps by matching interests for each contact to relevant articles that give you and your contact something to talk about.

But it only works if the contact is still genuine throughout the process.

Contact us at the link below if you want more details about our experience with 22 Touch!

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