Being Good Stewards of Time Off

Posted by Matthew Thomas

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matthew-thomas-2.jpgTaking time off is hard for many of us. Even apart from the availability created by our innumerable blinking, chirping devices, taking time off is hard.


  • Sometimes it's because things don't get done as well when we're not around.
  • Sometimes it's because deadlines fill up all the space we have.
  • Sometimes it's because we know we will have to let go of some things, and we don't want to.
  • Sometimes it's because we know we will have to put in long hours ahead of time or after the fact to make up for time we missed.


Like what you're reading? Subscribe Now! We've all read the articles about how adequate sleep and adequate time off are restorative and help in our leadership and our sense of self. We all know that our own sense of indispensability is unhealthy.


So here's to the courage to actually do it - to take a day (or two) off. Perhaps one in every seven, plus a few holidays. Perhaps some extended time. Here's to ending 2015 well and starting 2016 fresh.


Once the new year starts, I'd love to talk with you.

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