Steward Leadership in Churches: Battling the (Financial) Summer Slump

Posted by Matthew Thomas

Most pastors I talk to confirm my own pastoral experience that attendance is usually lowest immediately after large holidays and throughout the Memorial Day - Labor Day summer months.

While it is disappointing to many pastors that people just aren't as interested in church at those times, they and their church boards often find themselves at increased stress financially because of the lower attendance:

People who aren't present don't tend to give.

For most churches, worship is the context of most of our giving, and for many churches, giving is itself an act of worship. When there are fewer worshippers, giving tends to decline.

Steward Leaders don't want to take the slump sitting down, though, and they are looking for ways around it and through it.

I would like to recommend four things to help combat the summer slump financially:

1. Prepare: Design your church budget around making sure you have a surplus in the better-attended months, so that you have some room to drop during the summer. This will help to improve cash flow no matter what else you do.

2. Educate: Remind the congregation that the work of ministry continues on even without them, and that their offerings provide value to that work.

3. Provide: Create opportunities to give outside the context of worship during the summer. People may miss weekends, but weekday events often still can draw people who take long weekends away. Make sure good, contextualized giving can happen there.

4. Innovate: If your church doesn't already take card payments, set up your church with that capacity, if it fits your target audience. Most card payment arrangements can be set to recur - so that whether at home or away, people who give by debit card or bank draft can continue steady, regular giving.

If you would like help implementing these options, we can begin to assist your organization by providing a organizational financial health assessment. Click the link below to begin yours today!

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