Integrating Change Management

Posted by Matthew Thomas

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matthew-thomas-2.jpgOur customers tomorrow aren't probably going to be the ones we have today; the ones we have today aren't a whole lot like the ones we had yesterday. A disruptive technology enters the market. Social attitudes about one issue or another shift suddenly. A presidential election plays the ends off against the middle. A new regulation comes in to force. Shifts in markets cause the price of materials to skyrocket. Drought hits a major ethanol producing state and drives the cost of gasoline sky high.

 Plato and other ancient philosophers reflected their societies' view of change: that what was old was valuable, what is new is less so. These days, we have a tendency toward the opposite attitude: that the new and innovative is the best.

Like what you're reading? Subscribe Now!The strongest organizations build environmental analysis into their change management strategy. Change might be something we complain about - especially when we benefit from the status quo. But change is no longer something we can avoid in any one of the six major environmental areas of interest.

As part of the TAD process, we have the opportunity to gather PESTLE Data (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental Data). This can come is as part of the overall preparation for strategy-making in the THINK phase of TAD, typically, although it can happen in any phase. This sort of information helps tremendously to get us out of our assumptions and our "organizational bubble" and back to data from which we can make clear(er)-headed decisions. As we do, change management becomes more integrated with our overall organizational dynamic. So instead of change management itself being a disruptive force, it becomes part of the core operations to drive the overall enterprise.

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As a TAD-Certified Consultant and member of the TAD Partner program, I can walk you through a demonstration of the software and work with you to see if TAD would be a good fit for your organization or project. Feel free to call 1.877.771.3330 x20 or e-mail me. If you would like to see more about the software directly from adaQuest, visit

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