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Posted by Matthew Thomas

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matthew-thomas-2.jpgI am pleased to announce that after nearly six years as a Senior Consultant with Design Group International, I have now become a Partner in the company. 

I am grateful for the invitation from the other Senior Design Partners to join them in their work, and excited for the opportunity. I am grateful to my clients, past and current, for the trust and the ongoing learning I have enjoyed with you. 

For now, my practice is remaining largely as it has been:

  • working at the connection points between vision and implementation;
  • working to help organizations and their leaders get, understand, and act upon good data - whether financial or qualitative;
  • helping leaders analyze, strategize, and model their businesses for healthy decision-making;
  • working from a heart for doing good while doing well - with businesses, non-profits, and religious institutions;
  • and strengthening the overall capacity of our company network. 

Like what you're reading? Subscribe Now!Design Group International continues to be a firm committed to helping organizations and their leaders transform for a vibrant future. I am glad to be a part of that work!

If you are curious about the work we do, and how we do it, I would be happy to speak with you - via e-mail, phone, or in person. Feel free to e-mail me or call 1.877.771.3330 x20. For more about the work I do regularly, including the software certifications I hold, check out my Consultant Page. 

Here's to the transformative power of new beginnings!


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