Introducing TAD: Software-supported strategy and implementation

Posted by Matthew Thomas

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matthew-thomas-2.jpgI spent a good chunk of last week in Washington State training on software that helps organizations move smoothly from strategic planning through to specific projects that support strategic initiatives. It's called TAD, and produced by a company called adaQuest. TAD stands for Think, Act, Deliver. This is representative of a process orientation to planning and management.


Why use TAD?


Like what you're reading? Subscribe Now!Let's face it: it's hard to work from a pre-planning, strategic development position all the way through to the specific projects the strategy requires, and be able to flexibly adjust and iterate the plan along the way. Many strategic plans end up shelved for a lack of ability to adjust to changing conditions, or a lack of process orientation through the plan's creation.

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TAD provides a software framework to assess current organizational state, support strategic planning, and then implement the plan through high-level initiatives and specific projects. TAD strengthens the consultative process by giving the organization the means to carry projects forward without having to embed consultants quite so deeply in day-to-day operations.


How can I find out more?


As a TAD-Certified Consultant and member of the TAD Partner program, I can walk you through a demonstration of the software and work with you to see if TAD would be a good fit for your organization or project. Feel free to call 1.877.771.3330 x20 or e-mail me at matthewmthomas [at] designgroupintl [dot] com. If you would like to see more about the software directly from adaQuest, visit


I'm really excited about this new tool! Check it out!



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