Organizational Leadership: Setting Expectations when Innovating

Posted by Matthew Thomas

It’s often hard to know what to expect when you are trying something new. Particularly when a group is planning something new or innovative – or even just something the group has never tried before – it can be hard to know what you can reasonably hope to achieve in the first attempt.

Nevertheless, it is important to have some goal in mind. Here are some ways of doing that:

  • Provide ways of differentiating dream goals from real expectations.
  • Determine measurements you may want to take along the way that could provide you with after-the-fact analytical information.
  • Define what actions you intend to take (and measure whether you do or not).
  • Define responsibility clearly.

If you do these things, you will provide yourself with reasonable expectations. Once you actually see the results, you can measure whether the efforts and costs were worth the results you got. Moreover, you will gain new insight as to what your expectations can be next time around.

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