Organizational Governance: Who Owns Your Organization?

Posted by Matthew Thomas

Who owns your organization?  This is one of the most important questions an organization, its staff and its board must answer.  If you are a regular, for-profit business, the owners are pretty clear: they are the shareholders or the sole proprietor of your organization. If you are a local government, a non-profit, or church, the answer is somewhat less clear.

This question is essential, nonetheless, even if it is difficult: an organization is obligated to produce the results its owner or owners (in aggregate) ask of it, or it is not fulfilling its purpose. That the question is difficult does not mean that the question is impossible.

So, getting at the question:

To whom is your organization obligated?

To whom does it answer (ultimately)?

On whose behalf does your organization work?

These questions can begin your process of determining ownership.

Design Group International assists organizations in determining who their owners are so that they may fulfill the purposes their owners intend with integrity. Click on the link below to contact us about how we might help your organization!

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