Two Orientations and Practices for Leading Change

Confident Humility in Leading Change

Building Organizational Change Capacity

Why is identifying adaptive change important?

Leadership Postures for Organizational Change

Culture Eats Strategy

Senior Design Partner

Values Reflections Show a Variety of Opportunities

Multiple Variables and Business Analysis

Integrating Change Management

Where Do I Start to Strategically Attack a Problem?

Managing Multi-Thread Strategic Complexity

Strategic Flexibility

Prioritization and Strategy Implementation

Introducing TAD: Software-supported strategy and implementation

Benefits of Entrepreneurship for Organizational Leaders

Business modeling and sales development

Business modeling and sales development

Conversations and Learning

What is Stewardship? Steward Leadership?

Steward Leadership through Courage

Steward Leadership and the Pursuit of Justice

Steward Leadership Through Prudence

Steward Leadership Through Temperance

Being Good Stewards of Time Off

Steward Leaders: On Being Good Stewards of Anger

New Data Analysis Capacity!

Steward Leadership: Financial reports and their roles

Leadership: Confidence, Presence, and Curiosity

Steward Leadership: Power and Character

Steward Leaders: [Designing A Business] Client-Centeredness

Steward Leaders: [Non-profit Myths 6] Founders Control Boards

Steward Leaders: [Non-profit Myths 5] Making the World a better place

Steward Leaders: [Non-profit Myths 4] Tax-Deductible Donations

Steward Leadership: Financial roles that lead financial change

Steward Leaders: [Non-Profit Myths 3] For-Profit Business

Steward Leaders: [Non-profit Myths 2] Taxes

Steward Leaders: [Non-profit Myths 1] Making Money

Steward Leaders: Defining Non-Profit - Myths Revealed

Steward Leaders: Non-profits and the why of "Free"

Steward Leaders: The Story we tell with cost and value

Steward Leadership of financial roles: hire internally or externally?

Steward Leaders: The Story we tell when we ask for money

Telling your steward leadership story: Changing narratives

Telling Your Steward Leadership Story: Who's the Hero?

Telling your Steward Leadership Story: Character Roles

Steward Leaders: Telling your organization's story

Steward Leaders: How does your organization fascinate others?

Steward Leadership: Role differentiation in budget development

Steward Leaders: Governing through a Governing Board

Steward Leaders: Governing through multiple boards

Steward Leaders: Governing with an Advisory Board

Steward Leaders: Governing through a Working Board with Staff

Steward Leaders: Governing with an All-Volunteer, Working board

Steward Leadership: Responses to Complexity

Steward Leadership: Differentiate Strategic from other Financial Roles

Steward Leadership: Three questions for clearly describing what you do

Steward Leadership: Two ways to delegate

Steward Leadership: Calling in the Right People

Steward Leadership: When Excellent is the enemy of good enough

Steward Leadership of Financial Roles

Steward Leadership: Brand, Identity, and Agility

Steward leadership of change capacity to grow your agility

Steward Leadership of Agile Enterprises

Steward Leaders: 6 Reasons changing your mission statement didn't work

Steward Leadership: Who are the owners?

Steward Leadership of Financial Pinch Points

Steward Leadership as Owner-Centeredness

Strategic Planning: How to Design People-Passion into your work

Leadership: "Doing Good While Doing Well"

Building Capacity for Cultural Competence #7: Advocating

Why Build Capacity for Cultural Competence?

Building Capacity For Cultural Competence #6: Applying

Reflections from the 2015 Stewardship Summit

Building Capacity for Cultural Competence #5: Adapting

Building Capacity for Cultural Competence #4: Acceptance

Stewardship Summit 2015 is Here!

Financial Health: 10 Characteristics of Healthy Budgets

Financial Health: Modularizing Financial Tasks in Small Organizations

Building Capacity for Cultural Competence #3: Acknowledgement

Building Capacity for Cultural Competence #2: COLORblind vs colorBLIND

Why Smart Organizational Leaders Care about Net Neutrality

Board Governance: 7 Things Your Board Can Do to Make Better Decisions

Making Decisions as Organizational Leaders

Introducing the Building Capacity for Cultural Competence Model

Organizational Health: Answering the Growth or Decline Questions

The Intersection of Organizational Strategy and Implementation

Nonprofit Financial Management: Managing Endowments with UPMIFA

Nonprofit Financial Management: Sustainability in a Volatile Market

Charitable Challenges: Nonprofit Public Image and Financial Health

How Much Does It Cost? The Importance of Process Design

Why Organizational Design? Why Process Consulting?

Overcoming Organizational Silos as Steward Leaders: Breaking Silences

Growing Generosity - One Couple's Story

Financial Health in Organizations: Solvency and Reserves

Stewardship Confusion #2: Indirect Conversations Vs. Discussing Money

Accountability in Local Government: Steward Leadership of Public Input

Overcoming Organizational Silos as Steward Leaders #1: Going it Alone

The First Stewardship Confusion - Stewardship and Fundraising

Financial Health in Organizations: Solvency

Organizational Accountability in Churches and Divine Revelation

Steward Leadership: Worship as a Value Proposition

Introducing the Five Stewardship Confusions

Steward Leadership: Two “Aha!” moments in economic redevelopment

Steward Leadership: Process of Choosing Accountability

Steward Leaders: What Value Proposition Do You Present to Others?

Reflections from #CLA14 for Organizational Leaders

Balancing Action and Reflection in Organizational Life

Steward Leadership: Accountability and Initiative

Organizational Health: The Struggle with Accountability

What Assets Do You Manage as a Steward Leader?

Are You A Steward Leader?

Steward Leadership: Toward a Value Proposition for Denominations

Non-Profit Governance: The Independence of the Board of Directors

Steward Leadership: Clergy and Taxes

Links for Organizational Leaders - 20 August 2013

Regular Blogging is Good Stewardship

Steward Leadership Challenges in Local Redevelopment

Steward Leadership: Why Clean Financial Reports are Essential

Steward Leadership: Combating Anxiety in Declining Organizations

Links for Organizational Leaders - 1 August 2013

Steward Leadership in Churches: Battling the (Financial) Summer Slump

Growing your Organization: Using the 22Touch Tool

Non-Profit Organizations: Tax Filing Due 31 July 2013

Non-Profit Governance: Your Non-Profit Can Make A Profit

Non-Profit Leadership: Difference between Non-Profit and Tax-Exempt

Non-Profit Leadership: Taxing Non-Profits

Organizational Governance: Structures and Growth

Organizational Governance: Layers of Documents

Organizational Governance: Initial Authority vs. Final Authority

Board Bullies: When the Bullied becomes the Bully

Board Bullies: Moving from Powerlessness to Empowerment

Dealing with Board Bullies: You Are Not Alone

Organizational Governance: Warm Bodies on Your Board

Organizational Governance and the Bully in the Boardroom

Organizational Governance: Set Budget Goals, Priorities & Outcomes

Organizational Leadership: Why Approve A Budget At All?

Organizational Leadership: A Common Budget Approval Scene

Organizational Leadership: Moving the Goalposts

Organizational Leadership: Setting Expectations when Innovating

Organizational Design: When the Same People are Governing and Doing

Organizational Governance: When A Board Wears Two Hats

Organizational Design: Simplifying Finances

Organizational Design: Simplifying Governance

Organizational Design: Simplifying Management

Organizational Design: Simplicity

Organizational Governance: Ownership of Membership Organizations

Organizational Governance: Who Owns Your Organization?

Getting Results in Organizational Leadership: Measurement of Success

Getting Results in Organizational Leadership: Relevance of Goals

Getting Results in Organizational Leadership: Initiative

Getting Results in Organizational Leadership: Personality

Getting Results in Organizational Leadership: Relationships

Getting Results in Organizational Leadership: Obligations

Getting Results in Organizational Leadership: Taboos

Getting Results in Organizational Leadership: Values

Getting Results in Organizational Leadership: Priorities

Organizational Leadership: Getting the Results You Want

Organizational Management: Using an Investment Policy Statement to Promote your Mission

Organizational Management: Why Reviewing (and Enforcing) your Investment Policy Statement will Save you from Certain Headaches

Organizational Management: Your Organization Needs an Investment Policy Statement

Organizational Design: Why You Don’t Want to Control Personal Data

Organizational Design: E-mail Marketing Pitfalls

Personal (and) Organizational Transformation: Happy New Year!

Process Consulting: What I've Been Reading

Christmas Greetings from Sustainable Vision Blog

Organizational Management: Changing Over an Accounting System

Organizational Management: Choosing an Accounting System

Organizational Transformation: Survival and Margin

Organizational Transformation: Survival and Vision

Organizational Transformation: Naming the Problem

Organizational Transformation: Survive or Thrive?

Financial Leadership: Do You Have to Get There All at Once?

Organizational Leadership: There Are Alternatives to Fiscal Cliffs

A Consultant’s Thanksgiving: Reflections on Process Consulting

The Fiscal Cliff: What is it? Will it affect my Organization?

Surplus and Sacrifice: the Organizational Development Impact

A Fund Usage Policy: Developing Board Clarity for Restricted Funds

Fundraising: Personal Finance Impact on Donor-Dependent Groups

Financial Management: Longer-Term Budgeting

Organizational Development: Using Trends to Build Budgets

Organizational Development: Beware the Micro-Trends

Clarity for Restricted Funds

Organizational Development: When Cutting Expenses isn't the Solution

Turning the Organizational Retirement Mindset on its Head

The organizational retirement mindset and its implications

Use of Restricted Income

Use of Restricted Reserves