Clear processes

Deanna Rolffs, Senior Consultant

Clear processes

Imagine a future where your strategy and systems were clear, aligned and operating effectively. I am a passionate change agent, supporting you to process deep problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration. From traditional strategic planning to planning projects or workflows, we can clarify your processes.

I collaborate to solve problems by asking questions that encourage thinking, providing resources and analyzing progress via data. Together we can apply continuous improvement strategies to change and grow by setting clear vision, goals, applying those through action, learning from results, and adjusting practices. This builds energy in an upward cycle of growth, rather than apathy or frustration. 

Depending on your goals, I will pull from a wealth of resources I’ve developed in my history of facilitating hundreds of professional learning sessions on topics such as:

  • Establishing and growing leadership teams
  • Strategic planning
  • Team performance
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Change theory
  • Using data to adjust practices
  • Creating theories of action to transform outcomes
  • SMART Goals