Matthew M. Thomas, Senior Consultant

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Matthew M. Thomas

Senior Consultant

Innovation Implemented

Matthew M. Thomas, a Senior Consultant with Design Group International, helps leaders work through complex challenges so they can fulfill their mission with innovative excellence. He works with leaders to create processes to work through their specific challenges using the tools of organizational design, financial strategy, and business planning.

Matt engages with client organizations that want to generate ideas and adapt systems to create overall health, sustainability and growth. He has a passion for working with enterprises that want to "do good while doing well," supporting the well-being of the communities they impact. 

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Matt works closely with two of Design Group International's Preferred Providers, Ministry Financing Group and Joy Unspeakable, LLC, to provide broad services to ministries and businesses in areas that touch his core expertise. He seeks to continue to grow a team of experts and specialists whose passion for lifelong learning and organizational design bring added strength, support and expertise to enterprises as they seek to grow their mission and business. 

Matt has:
  • Served as a CFO, Budget Director, Presenter, and Pastor;
  • Trained staff in the set-up and use of accounting systems, from basic accounting concepts and procedures to payroll and other GAAP requirements; 
  • Configured complex accounting systems with over 300 distinct nonprofit funds;
  • Designed account structures and customized reports for these complex systems for clarity and simplicity, reducing the activity in 1700 accounts to straightforward, graphical dashboards and reports;
  • Developed 10-year financial projections to help put short-term budgeting in perspective;
  • Implemented UPMIFA-based endowment management and spending plans for a $4 Million collection of funds;
  • Managed $1 Million in annual revenues and over $6 Million in assets, with investments of $4 Million;
  • Served on non-profit and ministry boards of directors, most recently, from 2013-2014 serving as chair of the downtown redevelopment non-profit for Warren, Ohio.
Matt is husband to Lisa and father to Rhys. He enjoys distance running, recreational cycling, hiking, camping, carpentry, and remodeling projects in his nearly century-old home. 
Matt inspires leaders regularly through his blog, Sustainable Vision.


Matt holds an M. Div. from Northern Seminary and a B.A. in History and Classics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.