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Blog: Sustainable Vision

Matthew M. Thomas

Senior Consultant

Change Management

Matthew M. Thomas is a Senior Consultant with Design Group International. Matt is a strategic thinker whose passion for life-long learning gives him strength in generating ideas, procedures and perspective for organizations in the areas of vision, governance and finances based in his technical, classical, historical and theological training and his business, pastoral and non-profit experience. Matt has shown that he quickly adapts to changing situations and new clients’ needs through his intuitive sense of how things interconnect and fit together, and is particularly interested in how the unique qualities of each person work together in an organization to bring it to greater health and the fullness of what it is designed to do.

Matt has a passion for seeing individuals and organizations transformed in order to reach their full potential, and works especially with organizations encountering the difficulties brought about by the combined social, technological and economic change in which we live.

Matt has managed finances for organizations and companies of various sizes and levels. This broad understanding of bookkeeping and bylaws, along with computer systems and software, enable him to offer practical solutions to organizations undergoing transformation. Moreover, his use of flowcharting and other data visualization techniques helps organizations get a handle on the issues at hand in ways that can be communicated to the wider organization. This has led to the development of the Mission-Driven Financial Health Assessment: A Tool for Organizational Health and the Financial Systems Conversion service he offers.


Matt holds an M. Div. from Northern Seminary and a B.A. in History and Classics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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